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Family Registration Form 2019-20
Student Registration Form 2019-20  (one per student)
Family Agreements Form (each student must sign before registration)
Emergency Medical Form
Parent Interest and Resource Form

Add/Drop form 

This summer, registration forms for those who have completed the new family meeting, as well as add/drop forms, can be mailed to:
COVE Registrar
30003 Fink Ave.
 Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Teacher Bios
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How To Register

Each participating family will pay an annual non-refundable registration fee to cover insurance, facility costs and limited administrative costs. The regular registration fee is $75 per family. Make checks out to  COVE  Homeschooling Association.

Class  Fees / Instructor Fees
Fees are determined by each teacher and are found on the Course Description.  Amounts are for one semester unless otherwise indicated. The "class fee" is due in August and in January for each semester. Please consider it a non-refundable, non-transferable  deposit.  The "instructor fee" is due in two payments during the semester.

Before You Register--Information 
Calendar 2019-20
Calendar 2018-19
Volunteer Jobs
While we are not a co-op in the sense that we require families to teach classes, families are expected to help out with the many different jobs which make an effective, volunteer-led organization.  Each family will be assigned 2 jobs each semester, which is roughly a 2-hour per week commitment.

Schedule a New Family interview
by email at

Sharon Dillenbeck
Pam Comstock
Ann Marie Jarvis
Stephen Lucchetti
Stephen Lucchetti
Lisa  Morgan
Nancy Pfeiffer
Ginny Thompson
Ginny Thompson
Cole Westwood
Natasha Sansom
Michelle Ullrich
Sharon Gomulka
Diane Berry
Nancy Jaber
Kerry Morgan
Becky Hunt
Elizabeth Hunt
Nancy Jaber
Norma Bialek
Colleen Eichelberger
Kristin Dwyer
Andrew White
Rob Card
Jennifer Castillo
Sarah Whitaker
Nancy Jaber
Nancy Jaber
Anne Pierson
Norma Bialek
Nancy Jaber
Nancy Jaber
Rob Card
Brett Chiles
Nancy Jaber
Steve Norman
Nancy Jaber
Norma Bialek
Jana Fehr
Nancy Jaber
Wendy McComas
Nancy Jaber
Mike McComas
Brian Whitaker
Nancy Jaber
Norma Bialek
Jennifer Lee
Joe Jarvis
Rob Card
Donna Burgess
Nancy Jaber
Mary Irving